God's Daughters  [Film+Selected Scenes]

God's Daughters [Film+Selected Scenes]

Film + Selected Scenes.
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God's Daughters  [Film+Selected Scenes]

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  • God's Daughters

    God's Daughters [Knocking on Vatican's Door] presents an intimate portrait of two Catholic women priests, ordained and living their priesthood in defiance of the Vatican. They are part of a growing movement asking the Vatican to recognize women priests and embrace the 21st Century.
    Since the rec...

  • Kathleen's Ordination

    Ordination of Kathleen as a deacon.

  • Easter Revisited

    Going back to older traditions for a 72-hour celebration of Easter.

  • Footcare as Eucharist

    Kathleen brings footcare to the needy in Olympia and Los Angeles.

  • Mass at Home

    Beside the twice-monthly mass in church, celebrating mass in private homes is regularly done after Holy Wisdom Community committees' meetings.

  • Expectations

    Expectations, optimism and realism in the face of an uncertain future.

  • Wedding

    As a priest of an all-inclusive community, Diane performs a same-sex marriage ceremony.